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Mile High Pipe & Tobacco I – Westminster


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Est. 2000

Come see us at our original location.  Located just off HWY 36 at 74th & Federal.

nancyAt Mile High, your local smoke shop, we love glass.  Why glass?  It allows smoke to cool, and it doesn’t give off any taste like metal pipes or plastic pipes sometimes do.  Do it with the best   …glass with class.

At our glass smoke shops we aim to provide our customers with the best selection,  quality and value.  Any budget… any style… the Mile High pipe shops have you covered. We have an enormous collection of glass pipes for sale.  Traditional smoking pipes – hand pipes, hookah pipes, and for the newschoolers we sell oil rigs, and nail kits.

Glass cools, so smoking is even cooler with water, and our smoke shops have the coolest glass water pipes and water bongs for sale.  Like this one of a kind bubbler pipe.  Much cooler with water.


If you’re looking for a conversation piece or something truly unique come browse our collection of hand blown glass pipes.  Colorado is home to some of the raddest glass blowers and you can see their work alongside pieces by artists from all over the world for sale in our head shops.

Into the concentrates and vapes? We carry a full line of vaporizers and vapor pens for your oils and waxes.  And we have oil rigs, skillets, dabbers, Vector butane, butane lighters, torches, and extraction accessories.

We have all the staple smoke shop accessories – pipes and cigars, tobacco and papers.  We’ve got grinders, blunts, blunts wraps, rolling papers, rolling accessories, steam rollers, smoking paper and tips, cones and tubes.  Everything you need to roll a fatty or a perfect spliff.

Need to get clean?  We have a full-line of detox products and detox drinks, quick fix and synthetic urine and all your basic head shop items from incense to tapestries to posters and stickers.  We’ve got nug jars, pollen boxes, digital scales, and tons of other cool product.

Mile High Pipes for all your glass and smoking accessories – come to the first and the best head shop in the Mile High City.


  • We accept cash, all major credit cards, and gift certificates.