Glass with Class

Mile High Pipes Store II – Boulder Underground


  boulderscript.fwEst. 2003

Come on down to Mile High Underground!.  Located on the Pearl Street Mall in Downtown Boulder.

pipes and girl

We have thousands of glass water pipes, hand pipes and glass bongs for sale.  Grab a new bubbler pipe, hookah pipe, steam roller, chillum or oil rig – we have all kinds of glass smoking pipes.  With new products arriving daily, you always have a reason to come see us.  From designer brands to hand blown glass pipes, to basic metal pipes and plastic pipes we are the best head shop around because we have it all.

Lose a part?  Break a part?  No worries, we have replacement parts for glassware too.   Looking for an exotic smoking experience?  We sell hookahs and hookah pipes from all over the world – hookah parts & accessories (bowls & hoses), charcoal and shisha.


For all the new schoolers we’ve got vaporizers, vapor pens, and all your smoking accessories for concentrates.   We have Cloud Pens, Volcano Vaporizers, Pax Vape, oil rigs, skillets, glass and titanium nails, dabbers, and oil pens.  We stock Vector butane, butane lighters & torches, and extraction Accessories.  Believe the hype, concentrates are where its at we have all the tools for smoking in the 21st century.

For those keeping it old school, we carry a massive selection of the finest rolling papers and rolling accessories - cig rollers, blunt wraps, cones, tips, and grinders.

We carry the standard smoke shop accessories like smoke pipes and cigars and tobacco.  But we’re so much more than just a glass smoke shop.  We have the staple products you’d find in head shops like incense, tapestries, posters & stickers, cleaners and digital scales.  We stock a full line of detox products, detox drinks, quick fix and synthetic urine.  To see why we’re the best smoke shop – come see the whole insane collection in person!


  • We accept cash, all major credit cards, and gift certificates.